here we go

So the Tegan and Sara ugly sweater party was awesome! Unfortunately iannmichael couldn’t make it with me but my friend mike tagged along instead, safe to say he had a blast. Got there, laughed our asses off about our terrible ugly matching sweaters. Got free pizza, free beer. Essentially hung out on the roof of the Hollywood tower for an hour and a half. I got a little buzzed. Then we needed a bathroom break which was in one of the little apartments on the 3rd floor where we proceeded to mess around taking pictures and recording things until some girl showed up to use the restroom so we headed back to the roof and had some hot chocolate. Finally they sent us to the other roof where they were all set up. They then started, did a little interview between songs. Played Where does the good go, nineteen, back in your head, alligator, walking with a ghost, and closer. Had a mini conversation with Tegan. She liked that me and mikey had matching sweaters and after our photo said to me oh my god the amount of pictures I will be in with this sweater and I replied with you look good don’t worry you’re rocking it and she said thanks. And then we went on our way. All in all a great night. Looking forward to their tour. Their LA show is sold out sadly but they said they will be doing some things in LA and LA will be tired of them so hopefully that means many more shows to come.

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